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We created +700 projects and have 500 active clients!

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Quem é a Bluespace?

who is Bluespace?

We are a complete team of Webdesigners, we are always at the side of our clients to achieve expressive results on the internet. We have already delivered +600 projects and we are prepared to make your business take off! Our mission is to democratize access to high quality websites and pages for those who are starting their journey and for those who want to go to the next level! Imagine having a complete team at your disposal, delivering a personalized service at the cost of tools. Today we are the best solution in website and landing page development, shall we explore the digital universe together?

frequently asked questions

There are no fines when canceling the plan, however to be fair to ourselves and our customers we recommend at least 8 to 12 months of use of our services. After the period of 12 monthly payments, we make creation files available. If the customer wants the site backup before the 12 months, it is necessary to pay the remaining monthly fees.

No, the entire creative process for each website is carried out by our own team of specialists, as we know that creating a website will require time that most entrepreneurs do not have, in addition to which most people do not have the experience of a Web Designer, which usually ends up being very amateurish, generating a negative image for your product or service.

YES! Offering high quality sites at a really low price, all projects are fully customized by our development team in order to seek the uniqueness that your project deserves, that is, each site has its own identity, following the visual identity, logo, colors and sessions required for your type of business.

After signing up, you will have access to a thank you page with a WhatsApp button from our support! Just click on this button and the “Plan Activation” confirmation will be made and through it you will already be able to schedule our first meeting, called “Briefing”, where the content and plot necessary for the site will be defined, in addition to aligning all details about emails, domain registration or provider migration.

The site goes into production only after the FULL delivery of the visual material of the “Brieffing” for the project, and the first preview of the site is delivered in 5 to 7 working days, and it can be released earlier, according to the demand in the line of production.

Billing is done exclusively by credit card, which is automatically charged by our management system on a monthly basis, much like subscriptions like “Netflix”.

The implementation fee is made by transfer, only once.

If your plan is Terra Firme: After receiving the first preview of the site, you will have 7 days of revisions at no additional cost, to point out all the necessary adjustments, personal tastes and particularities of your business.

In the other plans you will have 100% Maintenance for a LIFETIME period. In other words, your website will be impeccable the way you dreamed!

Bluespace has the capacity and expertise to create any type of website and structure. We create institutional websites, landing pages, capture pages and etc…

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